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Company History

Homestat Farm, Ltd. is located in Dublin, Ohio. Homestat Farm purchased the hot cereal brands Maypo, Wheatena, Maltex and the G. Washington's Seasoning and Broth brand from ConAgra Grocery Products in October 2001. 

ConAgra briefly produced these products after purchasing them from International Home Foods in August 2000.  Prior to this, American Home Foods proudly manufactured these well known cereals and seasonings.

The brands of Homestat Farm have a strong brand equity and a strong brand loyalty, especially in the Northeast and New England areas of the country.  We are proud to carry on the legacy of these well known products by offering a selection of heart healthy and tasty cereals and seasonings.
The cereals are manufactured in our facility in Highspire, Pennsylvania. We proudly work with BCTGM Local 464.


The Staff

Lance Archibald is the President and CEO of Homestat Farm.  He has worked in sales, marketing and business development for startups and large corporations such as Polaroid, Masco, and Hewlett Packard.

Hank Schlake, Vice President of Sales, has over 30 years industry experience in Retail and Foodservice Sales.  He has held positions with well known manufacturer's such as Nabisco and Borden Foods.

John Hulsizer, Plant Manager, has over 30 years experience in Operations with American Home Products, ConAgra and Homestat Farm.