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  • Oatmeal and the "Root of Health".
    If you are a brunette, check out this link to see how one cup a day of oatmeal helps your hair...

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  • Soup Recipes for G. Washington's Seasoning & Broth Lovers!
    The book "The Barron House Soups", by John Bohumil, was published in 2004 and contains over 50 different soup recipes featuring our G. Washington's Seasoning and Broth! Soups include Bacon and Egg Drop Soup, Bodacious Broccoli Soup, Cheese and Onion Soup and Gracious Green Ham Soup among many others.  YUM! 

  • Maypo is an Acceptable Food for the South Beach Diet
    Did you know that Maypo is the only flavored oatmeal listed in the South Beach Diet as an acceptable food?  Other instant oatmeals are listed as "avoid" items. Enjoy the great taste of Maypo while still following your South Beach Diet plan! For further study, read "The South Beach Diet", by Dr. Arthur Agatston.