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Organic Steel Cut Oats & Chia

Homestat Farm introduces a unique cereal milled from the finest quality organic grains. With whole grain, high fiber, valuable protein and high Omega-3, this cereal has no additives, flavoring or colorings. It is heart healthy, Kosher and is naturally free of cholesterol, lactose, added sugars, salt and trans fat.

Maypo Instant Maple Oatmeal with Quinoa


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Maypo Instant Maple Oatmeal

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WIC is the Women, Infants and Children program. The aim of this program is to provide healthy nutrition to families. In order to meet WIC requirements, a cereal must contain a minimum of 28 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of dry cereal and a maximum of 21.2 grams of sucrose and other sugars per 100 grams of dry cereal. Maypo meets these requirements! Iron provides those you love with a healthy immune system and greater concentration.