Maltex History

Maltex Moments

Maltex Packaging TodayNovember 1886 - The Burlington & Winooski Horse Railroad was established in the south end of Burlington, Vermont. As rail transportation grew, 100 acres of farmland was sold and divided into 18 city blocks helping to promote industrial development in the area.

The district along Pine Street was filled with manufacturing companies. One of the first companies was the Malt Food Company, cereal manufacturers later re-named The Maltex Company.

1899 - Maltex was first marketed to the public. Ads promoted the cereal's unique taste, natural ingredients and nutritional values. It boasted no added salt, additives or preservatives and contained 45% of the USDA recommended daily allowance of iron.

1943 - The Maltex slogan was "100% Breakfast for 100% Victory" during World War II. The company distributed coloring sheets to schools for pupils to color in a letter every time they ate Maltex. This sheet featured a sailor on a battleship deck with semaphore flags.

1953 - The Maltex Corporation developed the original maple flavored oatmeal, Maypo. Shortly thereafter, Heublein, Inc., a successful company who imported distilled liquors, A-1 Steak Sauce, Grey-Poupon Mustard and Sizzl-Spray, purchased The Maltex Company.

Hoping for substantial losses to write off as tax deductible expenses, Heublein, Inc. launched an expensive TV campaign for the poorly selling Maypo product by creating Marky Maypo and his famous scream, "I WANT MY MAYPO!"

Mid 1960's - The Uhlmann Company, Kansas City, Missouri, owners of Standard Milling Company, acquired the company.

Maltex Packaging TodayFor the next 20 years, the Uhlmann Company owned and operated the flourmill along with the cereal manufacturing plant in Highspire, PA. The business was known as The Wheatena Corporation, Standard Milling, and/or The Uhlmann Company during this period.

Early 1987 - The Uhlmann Company leased the flour milling business at Highspire to ConAgra but retained ownership of the mill.

April 1988 - The Uhlmann Company sold the cereal manufacturing operation to American Home Foods but retained ownership of the Maltex brand.

November 1996 - International Home Foods acquired American Home Foods and soon thereafter purchased the Maltex brand from The Uhlmann Company.

August 2000 - ConAgra Foods acquired International Home Foods along with the Maltex, Wheatena and Maypo brands.

October 31, 2001 - William Stadtlander, owner of Homestat Farm, Ltd., purchased these brands and the Highspire facility from ConAgra Foods.  Maltex is still manufactured in our PA plant.

April 1, 2014 - Homestat Farm was purchased from William Statlander by family-owned Camden Holdings.